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7922 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA, 90046
United States


Airbrush tanning company providing sunless spray tans and contouring. We also sell the first after spray tan wrap dress.  Specifically designed for after a spray tan. The fabric and construction is designed specifically to be worn after this beauty service. 


Growing up on the California coast Jenni Blafer has always been fond of a golden tan. However, when she was diagnosed with Melanoma, she received a crash course in the health hazards of sun exposure. Being prone to this disease her doctor strickly advised her to stay out of the sun. She sought out alternatives which led her to sunless tanning.
Since Jenni couldn't get that “natural” tan she had to create one. Through a lot of research, testing and hard work she developed a system- “Spray tanning is a combination of art and science, painting the body to accentuate or camouflage features using the correct blend for ones skin tone, dryness and desired color.”
She has perfected her craft, but continually educates herself with the latest innovations in the sunless industry- “It's evolving like any beauty service and it's my job to provide my clients with the finest quality products and expertise.”
Jenni started this business 8 years ago in hopes to provide a beauty service along side everyday mainstream services, such as hair and makeup. She wants everyone to have a healthy esthetic look of a summer tan without the detrimental side effects. With a background in teaching, Jenni has committed herself to bring about sun awareness and a shift in the way people perceive spray tanning. 
“Today, we know better.”